Pregnancy Options

Many women, when faced with an unexpected pregnancy, feel shocked; they are scared and apprehensive when thinking of the impact a baby will have on their future, on their finances and on their relationships; they worry they won’t be able to cope.

The choice to continue or not continue a pregnancy is a woman’s choice, and no-one can make this decision but her. However, making a life changing decision if you are feeling confused or conflicted can be difficult.

Pregnancy-options counselling gives you the opportunity to talk about your circumstances and consider your options. It allows you the space and time you need to explore how you feel about your options in a caring, accepting environment.

Other things that may be helpful in making a decision are finding out what help is available if you choose to continue with your pregnancy, and speaking with your doctor about types of abortion - how they are performed and about any risks or dangers. This way you can be sure that any decision you make is an informed one.

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Our Mission

In acknowledging the importance of all pregnant women and their babies, Pregnancy Counselling and Support provides counselling, physical assistance, moral support and information to women in need, and their families, in a caring, accepting environment.

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